When will we be happy if we wait for the perfect mate

When will we be happy if we wait for the perfect mate

Everyone wants a get a perfect mate, both physical and character. However, a recent study revealed that decide to pair up with someone who are not perfect still can make you happy.

Besides, it was also revealed that people are constantly waiting for the ideal, and perfect couples can feel disappointed and a lifetime will not feel the love.

Daniel Conroy-Beam, a psychologist from the University of Texas, who conducted the study say that the satisfaction we are not dependent on how well we partner with the criteria that we want. However, it turns out our happiness depends on how well a potential partner if compared with other candidates.

Beam-Conroy came to the conclusion after surveying 119 men and 140 women who had been married for an average of seven and a half years. Then they were asked how happy and satisfied them against their partners.

The study, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior mentioned that the respondents were also asked to rank several important properties owned by the couple as “intelligence, health, good heart, good looks, dependability and financial prospects”. They were also asked to rank the properties themselves.

When respondents believed that their partners have more properties that ideal, they will strive to make their relationships lasting and satisfying. However, when the respondents know that the character of their partners is not perfect, they tend to be dissatisfied.

Dissatisfaction that arises when they think that in their group there are those who have an ideal characteristic than the characteristics of their partners.

If in the group there is no better choice, they say the relationship was fine and could be continued.

“Satisfaction and happiness are not obvious. We do not need an ideal partner to achieve happiness. But happiness it would appear if we get the best partners in our group,” said Conroy-Beam told the Daily Mail.


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