These Places That Give Students Discounts Are Worth Visiting

These Places That Give Students Discounts Are Worth Visiting

As a college student, living on your own can be a daunting task. It is daunting because you need to manage everything on your own. Even more when you decide to apply for college far from home, it forces you to stay strong no matter how hard it may be. Especially when it comes to money, freshmen or seniors find it hard to manage both income and outcome.

This is why every once in a while you need to go out and find places that give students discounts. This way, you can reduce your spending effectively, yet still obtain things that are needed.

Here are a few places that give students discounts you may want to know. These places are worth visiting for shopping. Therefore, read on.

  • Books

There are several names of places which offer students discounts. Those places are Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and The New York Times. Amazon is known for its books and audible and it is the biggest one in the United States and the world. The students’ discount offered in Amazon is a free trial of Amazon Prime for 6 months. The Amazon Prime gives you $10 credit when you tell a friend, including a free two-day shipping of all items.

  • Clothes

Clothes are as important as books. You can use the students’ discount to find your internship clothes or just new clothes to go to class. The places that give students discounts are ASOS, Alex and Ani, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Goodwill, J.Crew, The Limited, Medelita, TOMS and Topshop. You may have heard some of the names mentioned above.

  • Gym Membership

Taking care of your appearance should be equal to your health as well. using your ID card, you can have students’ discount in these places: 24 Hour Fitness and Eastern Mountain Sports in which you will get 15%  off of full price.


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