Take A Look of The First Online Shopping Site

Take A Look of The First Online Shopping Site

Do not call yourself a shopaholic if what you do just shop, purchase, sleep, repeat. No! to prove that you are a real shopaholic, you need to know the history of the shop itself, especially, the one that makes your shopping becomes easier, the online shop.

Don’t you curious about the founder or the first online shopping site that finally makes thousands of online stores spread in every corner of the world? This kind of history lesson will not make you sleepy, yet you’ll feel the excitement! Let’s go back to 1979 where the first online shop is founded.

Thanks to Michael Aldrich, an English entrepreneur, has invented an online shopping system in 1979. He built a system of which a combination of modified domestic TV and real-time transaction processing computer connections that can be accessed through the domestic phone line. In 1980, Aldrich tried to make a revolution to the business world of Redifon Office.

He connected consumers, agents, customers, distributors, suppliers, and service department in one online real-time forum where all the business transaction can be done real time only by going online! That is, ladies and gentlemen, the very first online shopping site which leads to thousands if not million online shops you can find today!

In 1994, Pizza Hut did the very first online transaction of purchasing the happiness (re: Pizza) that you can do from your home or office. First trusted online retail shop was done by Net Market also in 1994. Amazon.com hit the market a year after and then followed by eBay in the same year of 1995. Today online shops will be none if not because Aldrich, Pizza Hut, Amazon, and eBay.

Big thanks to them! Now you know the first online shopping sites which lead to today’s massive hit of trusted online shops that helps you to buy everything, everywhere at any time. All hail Aldrich!


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