Suspender Tights For Women Today

Suspender Tights For Women Today

Suspender tights are the combination of women’s stockings as well as women’s tights. Combining the practicality of ladies tights with women’s stockings provides clients the benefits of both. Such a easy idea if you consider it.

It is a one piece construction so its not truly clipping both of them together. For those that like tight fitting clothes, they’ll be pleased with these are there will not be any unsightly bulges even with fitted skirts. Unfortunately, most suspender tights could be accused of becoming plain.

For much more distinctive kinds, go for those with lace and added designs. Most brands tend to have their own concept of how they are cut as well as the over all shape. This is really a great factor as it services a wide range of tastes from customers.

Color is lacking with most suspender tights though. Black, which is the standard color along with nude colors are the primary two colors utilized. Within the UK, a great brand when looking for these kinds of goods are Charnos.

As they are a specialized business, they create fashionable products at reasonable costs. Charnos was recognized for their lingerie back in the day but they do have a full line up of hosiery products. With a powerful brand presence, they are synonymous with lingerie, tights, stockings and suspender tights.

For everyday wear, I suggest the Boudoir Bodyfree Suspender tights. The band is thick enough with enough stretch play to ensure it remains comfortable and form fitting. They’re regarded as rather thin, at only 15 denier. Only two colors are available, natural (nude) and black having a matte finish.

Expect to pay below ten pounds per pair, which is fairly cheap. Gerbe is our next hosiery brand of interest. Gerbe is a extremely old French company that started in the hosiery business within the late 1900’s.

Their brand of suspender tights are known as Foly. Like all their products, the seams are flat and the material is soft. Unlike most other brand, it is only available in black.

Considered some of the most comfortable suspender tights in the marketplace. Not cheap, they are within the forty and fifty pound range but that is to be expected with Gerbe. Pamela Mann and Pretty Polly are two other brands that are worth a mention. Charnos can be considered mid range products with low end costs.


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