Preparing for a Relaxing Day at Home

Preparing for a Relaxing Day at Home

Everybody deserves a day of relaxation void of work, school, to-do lists, and stress. It’s important to treat yourself to a day of unwinding and catching up on rest, so make a day out of it! Actually, make it your own, personal relaxation-day at home! Turn off that cell phone, shut off the computer and pick out your favorite set of robe and slippers because this is a day of pampering!


First, if you want to feel completely relaxed on your stress-free day, then you should prepare all of the necessary items beforehand. Think about what you might need…

If you plan on taking a nice long shower, or a soothing bath you should collect–

Luffa sponges

Fluffy Towels


Bath Robe


Bubble Bath Soaps

Bath Salts

Place all of the items in the bathroom the day before, so you don’t have to run around looking for or wishing you had some of these items on your personal day.

Set the candles around the bathroom and tub, and place the other objects in-reach to create a relaxed, care-free environment.


Another task to complete before your spa day is picking out some movies or shows that you might want to watch, and music to listen to.

This may sound silly, but I always feel frustrated endlessly searching through packs of dvd’s and netflix categories to find the perfect movie or show.

So, prevent that hustle by doing it the night before! Then, you can simply lounge on the couch the next day and hit ‘play’.


Now it’s time to think about what you’re going to eat on your stress free day. Personally, I don’t suggest cooking, unless you find that relaxing.

I think it would be best to take a trip to the grocery store the day before and pick out your favorite foods. Browse through the prepared-foods section, grab your favorite bag of chips, cookies, fruit, anything that seems to be calling to you!

Or, on your at-home-spa day, get some take-out delivered to your house! Order that extra-cheese pizza, Chinese food, or sandwiches—You know you want to!

A Few More Items!

Now for my favorite part!

Round up all of your nail polish bottles, scented lotions, scented candles, pillows, cuddly blankets, a good book, and some magazines.

Think about what else you might need for your relaxation-day.

If you don’t already have some, I suggest running out to the store to get some packages of at-home facial masks. Or, look up some instructions on how to make your own. It’ll be relaxing and fun!

Time to Relax

On the morning of your spa day…

leisurely get out of bed, take that long shower or soothing bath, snuggle in to your comfy robe and head to the kitchen for a light breakfast (after all, you’ll be snacking on your favorite foods all day!).

Then, seat yourself on the couch amongst the cuddly pillows and blankets and ready yourself to watch that movie or show you’ve been looking forward to.

Brush out your hair and then clip it into place because now you might want to enjoy your facial mask.

Pick out the color nail polish you want to use, and if you change your mind on the color halfway through painting, who cares? Just pick out another color. This is your stress-free day!

Feeling a little sleepy in the middle of the day? Good, take a nap—you deserve it. And when you wake up, pick up that book and immerse yourself in a tale.

Watch another movie as you eat your tasty lunch, and enjoy every second of it! Remember, keep that cell phone and computer off. Focus on yourself today and on how lovely the day feels.

Relax and Enjoy!


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