Musical jewellery boxes

Musical jewellery boxes

Musical jewellery boxes Invaluable to Girls and Women

The look on a little girl’s face as she opens her musical box to pick her favorite necklace would be enough to tell just how important that box is to her. It is invaluable to her and she always makes sure it stays that way. Although these boxes have been in existence since 1800s, their importance has never faded, but is increasing with time. Their association with the royal women is no longer the case now that they have become every woman’s must- have. The boxes hold memories, gifts, precious jewelry and offer entertainment as well.

The Musical jewellery boxes are used to store small but important and precious items. The items may range from bracelets given as a gift, rings, necklaces, watches or even plastic beads for small girls. The contents would depend on the individual and the value they attach to their small items. Some boxes would have large enough spaces to store more than just jewelry. The space would thus be used to store larger items such as a diary or even an album of important photos. These items would be carefully and systematically organized in the box. The sound of musical notes softly riding through the air as she picks her jewelry from the box serves to bring peaceful moments and may bring the good memories associated with the items.

Every Young Lady Needs It

Musical boxes not only hold beautiful moments associated with their contents but are themselves precious and invaluable. A jewelry box given to a girl as a gift by a loved one would take a special place in her heart. This moment would not be lost in her memory as she uses her musical box. She will have great sentimental value attached to both the box and its contents. It wouldn’t be strange to find a woman in distress find comfort by holding her jewelry box or even listening to its soft music. Women give it so much importance that, they wouldn’t trade it for gold.

These boxes when given to young girls act as more that just store box for jewelry, beads and buttons. They install a sense of responsibility to the growing kid as she learns how to keep her important items safe. The box comes with a key and a lock and it is supposed to be kept locked. This protects her small items from getting lost or misplaced. The girl would also learn how to organize her items in the box. This value would be instilled in her as she matures into a grown up woman.

Design Features

The boxes have changed in design over time. The original musical jewelry boxes were larger and did not have a large variety of music. The modern boxes are not like that any longer or bigger. Their sizes vary from very small boxes that can hold only one ring to large ones. The music available has also evolved. You can now choose the type of music to suit your preference. It is even possible to purchase one with a number of mp3 songs that you can listen to as you clean your jewelry.

The availability of various types of boxes makes it a hard choice to decide the best for your girl. To make the right choice, a number of factors have to be considered.

The cost: The boxes can be expensive and the differences in the cost will play a role in picking the box.
The style: They vary in design and appearance. Some contain hidden drawers while some are just small with no drawers. The shapes also vary with some taking the heart-shape to symbolize love.
The size: If you require storing a number of jewels, you may need to purchase a big box.
Theme: you may need a box that contains the favorite music of the recipient, or one that matches the room appearance.

Types Of Musical jewellery boxes

Musical jewelry boxes have increased in popularity and become of vital importance to girls and women. Their roles vary from closing the gap from girlhood to womanhood to preserving precious items and moments. Purchasing such item for a loved one would guarantee lasting adoration and affection. The major types of musical jewelry boxes are enumerated below.. Click through to discover more of these products

Hand Crafted Musical Jewelry Box

Rosewood Musical Jewelry Box

Sorrento Musical Jewelry Box

Violin Musical Jewelry Box

Lock and Key Musical Jewelry Box

Piano Musical Jewelry Box

Heart shaped Musical Jewelry Box

Wooden Musical Jewelry Box

Personalised Musical Jewelry Box


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