Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Top 5 Tech Gifts Moms Truly Want

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Top 5 Tech Gifts Moms Truly Want

Mother’s Day is just a couple weeks away, and you’re probably trying to pick out the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or activity for your mom. Although flowers and a card might be your standard gift, break the mold and do an activity where you get to spend time together, like mani-pedis or miniature golf.

So as a mom, I can’t deny that I love the little bouquets of dandelions and breakfast in bed on Mother’s day! Spending time with my family is my favorite past time, but may I be completely honest here? Dads, the flowers from the kids are awesome, and jewelry is always appreciated, but some helpful gadgets to make our lives easier are what moms would REALLY love to get for Mother’s Day this year! (Ladies please chime in if you agree, in the comments below and share what tech gifts you’d love to get this year!)


Moms deserve toys too! I’d love an iPad! (What mom wouldn’t?) With my busy life on the go, chasing three kids ages 5-15, an iPad is one of those little luxuries I’ve wanted but haven’t spent the money on because it’s not an iNeed. iPad Mini (from $329) and iPad with Retina Display (from $499) from Apple Store with Free Engraving and Free Shipping

Beats Pill Wireless Speaker

The BeatsPill is next on my list because of it’s awesome sound, wireless connection, and portability. Whether I’m hanging out in the back yard with the kids, folding laundry, doing the dishes, or getting ready in the morning, I’d love to have this little portable speaker to add a little more music to my day. Plus since you can use it to take calls, hands free talking would be a breeze.

iOttie Cell Phone Holder

Taxi mom at your service. What mom isn’t always on the go? I sometimes feel like I spend half my week in the car between after school activities, work, and running errands on the weekends. Having a handy-dandy cell phone holder to allow me to see my notifications and navigation map would be a life simplifying dream come true.

FitBit Zip

Putting ourselves first as moms, is never easy to do. Between the time we spend working, running the kids, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up, finding time to exercise can feel impossible. FitBit Zip is a great gadget on my wish list, to help busy moms (and dads) track activity, set goals, and challenge yourself and your friends to get moving.

Smart Shopper Grocery List Organizer

There are few things more frustrating that pulling empty boxes of cereal out of the pantry the morning after I’ve been to the store. It’s an electronic grocery list organizer with voice recognition, that’s fun to use. Shelly, our “mom” here who does the grocery shopping, and everything else to make our lives easier, can easily print off a list before heading to the store. While she has yet to buy us the steak and lobster someone frequently adds to the list, she always knows when we’re out of peanut butter, oatmeal, and bananas!


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