Is Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector Best Product for Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Is Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector Best Product for Dark Circles Under Eyes?

This latest Clinique dark circle cream promises to be hydrating, lightweight, and proven in clinical trials to reduce dark under eye circles. But does it deliver as the best product for dark circles under eyes? And how does it compare to past Clinique under eye products?


As with any of the under eye cream products you pay a decent amount of money for a very small bottle of cream. However, you don’t need much and the .34 ounce bottle will last several weeks. Unique to this cream is the applicator. You don’t need to use your finger to apply the cream as the applicator at the tip is perfectly designed to rub the cream under your eye.

Active Ingredients

Dimethicone is the most abundant ingredient in Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector. Other ingredients include caffeine, green tea leaf extract, and mulberry root extract. Dimethicone creams are generally used for treating dry or irritated skin.

How to Use

The instructions included are simple and say only to apply twice a day. However the Clinique website includes information that using the applicator tip improves the results and that it can take 12 weeks to see up to a 30% reducing in the dark circles under your eyes.

My Results and Review

I have very dark under eye circles and without eye cream and makeup on, I get the always unwanted comments from perfect strangers of how tired I look, despite the fact that I may be well-rested and feeling great. So I am on the hunt for the perfect under eye dark circle treatment. I have tried Clinique’s other All About Eyes products.

I have to say, I like Clinique’s All About Eyes Rich much better. The Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector just did not work as well. It does instantly plump up the skin under the eye, but this result fades throughout the day. And the dark circles never really went away.

After a couple of weeks, I decided to test this product against the All About Eyes Rich product. I put the Even Better product under one eye, and the All About Eyes product under the other. The results may not have be dramatic for either, but the All About Eyes Rich cream did a better job of reducing my dark under eye circles, and this look lasted throughout the day. I have yet to go 12 weeks with this product, so I may be happier with it at the end of 3 months of use.

As for the applicator tip on the Even Better Eyes product, I could do without that. It doesn’t smooth the cream into the skin as well as using a finger and it’s hard to get the cream to all areas under the eye with the applicator.

The Verdict

Overall, if you have mildly dark circles, or just want some plumping under the eyes, this product may be just right for you. If you have true dark circles, then try the All About Eyes Rich cream instead.


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