Demystifying Fire and Ice Roses – Everything You Need to Know About this Unique Beauty

Demystifying Fire and Ice Roses – Everything You Need to Know About this Unique Beauty

Whether seen in a garden or adorning a room, fire and ice roses are always breathtaking. It’s that perfect combination of light and dark that draws attention, made more captivating by the sweet scent that wafts through the place.

No other flower is more universal than the rose. It symbolizes many things – love, friendship, beginnings and even endings. When they come in dual colors like fire and ice roses, the message seems deeper, more heartfelt.

One of the best-selling hybrid rose types, it is a favorite among florists because it is a trendsetter. There are many varieties of hybrid tea roses, but they stand out not only for its appearance but because it makes a hardy cut flower.

Fire and Ice Roses: Popular Hybrid Tea Variety

According to the University of California Master Gardener Program, hybrid tea roses have been cultivated since 1867. They are the most popular rose variety in home gardens. They grow from three to seven feet tall, and three to five feet wide. Unlike other types of roses, they grow upright and are almost ramrod-straight.

Two of the most famous hybrid tea roses are called “Peace” and “Mister Lincoln”. Hybrid teas roses are best grown in plant hardiness zones 5 to 9, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Hybrid teas roses versatile because they work whether in a formal or casual setting or garden arrangement. Bouquets of long-stemmed large flowers are usually made of hybrid teas, because of their length and many petals. Blooms are one per stem or in small clusters. Its fragrance easily permeates the air.

Fresh cut flower production gained a winner in this popular hybrid tea rose variety. Fire and ice roses are more resistant to mildew, unlike other florist roses. It blooms throughout the season, whether the flowers are left on the plant or cut for arrangement.

While deep-colored but single hue roses remain popular, these classic blooms, often high-centered, make unforgettable gifts or floral arrangements during special events.

A typical hybrid tea rose bush has one bloom to a stem but with stems so long they are perfect for cutting. It sometimes blooms in clusters, but side buds are usually cut off before they grow any bigger to ensure a good sized flower.

Flower shops and flower shows usually prefer the big, single high-centered blooms for showcasing.

How to Grow Hybrid Tea Roses

Give them lots of sunshine – a minimum of five hours – and hybrid tea roses will bloom multiple times during the summer. The more sunshine, the better and morning rays are best. However, It is better that they have partial shading from the hot afternoon sun.

Considered a Modern Rose, hybrid tea roses are a cross between a hybrid perpetual rose and a tea rose. Its hardiness, which is beyond that of its parents, is what makes it’s a popular rose bush. Its fragrance ranges from mild to powerful.

It is the magnificent contrast of colors that makes hybrid tea roses that makes it attractive whether in the garden or used to decorate functions, exhibitions, celebrations or even just in a vase, several blooms tied in a bouquet.

Fire and Ice Roses 101

France was first to breed fire and ice roses in 2000. It finally found its way in the United States three years later. An extremely popular variety, it is very young. They go by many names – Fire ‘n’ Ice, Cherry Parfait, “florist” style roses and the more formal grandiflora hybrid tea roses. It is characterized by high-center double petals.

They are bi-colored roses, half-red and half-white. Like all flowers, it has a meaning though it is versatile and usually depends on context. England’s floral emblem are red and white roses and this symbolizes unity. Red rose connotes passionate love, while white roses symbolize innocence and spiritual love. Mixed together, they are an eloquent expression of both.

Red is for Fire

Red is associated with passion, intensity and the undying nature of love. It is aptly fire, and symbolizes eternal love expressed with no inhibitions. Sometimes, it is also stands for the “bloody” side of vampires.

White is Ice

White is often regarded as a superior color. Globally it is known as the symbol of purity and innocence. In fore and ice roses, it also stands for concern and unconditional love.

They are often described as dazzling especially when held together in a bouquet or bunch and set as a centerpiece.

Characteristics of Fire and Ice Roses

Fire and ice roses are two-toned, usually the petals are white with red hues outlining each one. The red varies, some deeper than the others. Its fragrance is mostly light, though it can sometimes be powerful. It grows up to six feet tall and five feet wide.

It is a florist rose for three reasons: it can be grown singly or grouped in combination gardens; they last longer as cut flowers; and they grow in large numbers making them perfect for bouquets and putting them together in bunches.

During the winter, it must be protected especially if there is a frost warning. Hardy they may be, but you don’t want your rose bush to wither and die because you failed to keep the frost away even with ample warning.

Like all roses, it needs good drainage but also requires lots of water and richly composted soil for better blooms. Water thrice a week or up to five times, deeply, so it takes in about five gallons of water during that period. They may require more during hot summer months.

They need a sunny spot in the garden so they are exposed to sunshine at least five to six hours. This will result in maximum flower production.

Fire and ice is popular because its level of resistance to disease is very high. Its lush, dark green foliage is a perfect foil for its strong stem of blooms.

In general, it is very tough but healthy; a mass of blooms is stunning, it makes a great hedgerow because of the unique color and it provides a strong, yet classy foliage.

Caring for Hybrid Roses

A fire and ice rose may be tough, but it also needs to be cared for properly. Like most rose varieties, its needs are basic – water, fertilizer, pruning, mulch.

Water – Since roses have very deep roots, they need a good soaking once every 10 days, especially during hot summer or dry months.

Fertilizers – Roses bloom throughout the year, except during the winter months. To boost their productivity, they need regular fertilization, preferably organic quality fertilizers with a balance of NPK and other trace elements. Apply them once a month, but in small quantities and add liquid seaweed application every fortnight for even better results.

Pruning – During the winter months, 70 percent of the rose plant must be pruned. Get rid of the old wood and prune it to shape.

Mulch – Roses need mulch applied around them, especially Lucerne or pea straw. Applied directly around the root zone it will enhance the rose plant’s overall health. The whole bed should also be mulched to 75 mm with other available mulch medium.

Final Thoughts

People who love cut flowers would do well to have at least three rose bushes so the supply of a variety of blooms is continuous.

Florist roses, which include fire and ice roses, are not only highly resistant to disease, they bloom profusely during the whole season and you can be surrounded by beauty whether in a vase or in your garden with these around.


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