7 Unexpected Ways Networking Can Give you Better Hair

7 Unexpected Ways Networking Can Give you Better Hair


Networking is defined as the opportunities we take to connect with other individuals and businesses to expand our customer base, profitability, and exposure.

Hair is defined as the illustrious enigma of threads dangling from your scalp riddled with genetic mutations such as the dreaded cowlick, the prickly dry scalp, and the horrendous frizz monster.

So, what the heck does networking have to do with hair? More than you were expecting. In order to get great hair, you need to learn about networking and there are 7 ways that will help.

1. Learn From Others

If you don’t know anything about something, you need to learn it from someone else. Right? Right! Engaging with others about their niche is a great way to learn about what they do and how they do it. Hair care can be basic or as complex as you want it depending on your needs. It’s important to connect with others who have a greater knowledge on the subject in order to diagnose your mop’s problem.

I recommend YouTube videos and your local stylists as sources of information. Stylists had to go to school and know more about specific shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to help your specific needs. YouTube videos help to teach you how to style your hair using some of these products for free. It depends on your level of comfort, but the important thing is to get out there and start learning!

2. Don’t Force It

Sometimes we want to force a relationship to get what we want instead of strengthening the bond. You can’t do that if you want lasting and sustainable results. So, when your cowlick is in overdrive, don’t force it to do what it naturally does not want to. Instead, work with the natural direction of your cowlick or the one wave of curl that isn’t quite as curly as the others.

Emphasizing these traits in a positive way promotes a more proactive approach and gives the impression that your hair is manageable under any circumstance. Listen to your hair’s needs on those bad days.

3. Take Notes

I’ve been saying for a while now that if you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen. In networking, taking notes of a conversation builds your memory retention and helps build the personalized relationship with the other person. Taking notes of your hair’s needs during the different seasons is just as essential.

For example, during the summer, my hair is in frizz free heaven. It’s smooth and cooperates so much better than in any other season. During the fall it will get a little agitated, but still manageable. Yet, when the awful dead of winter hits or the muggy rain is mucking about, my hair gets really pissed off. Here comes smoothing serum, Moroccan oil, and special conditioner (my hair is really thick and coarse) to help save the day. Do you know what your hair needs during the year, month, week, or day? Take a few notes for a couple weeks and assess the results. The more you know, the better off you’ll be.

4. Do One or Two Things Well

Most professionals have a niche that they are knowledgeable or skilled at promoting. They learn constantly to stay on top of trends and prevent mishaps along the way. They don’t try to master everything that entails their business. They focus on what their true and applicable skills are and let others do the rest. How does this apply to hair?

Well, isn’t there one or two hairdos you do well? Isn’t there a style or serum you use that is your “go to” for daily use? Of course there is. Yet, it doesn’t have to stop there. There are variations of those things that you can dazzle a little creativity with to stretch out their versatility.

Like a networking professional, you can take your “go to” style and add some hair accessories, some color, even a lovely scent. Don’t underestimate the power of a subtle fragrance in your hair. Just a splash of something will do. Ever hear of an elevator pitch? Ever hear of someone delivering the same pitch word for word to different people? No, they spice it up each time.

5. Redefine the Process

Networking used to be about passing around your business card for the sole purpose of exposure. This can cause a little resentment with people if you do this sort of thing in the current market. Now it has been redefined as an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with others proving your valued interest in the process. Hair care is no different. Do you remember Aquanet? How about Curl Out? Maybe you remember Brylcreem (guys)? As the years pass, the quality of haircare has also changed and it’s important to investigate you “process” your hair each day.

There are essentially three areas in which to change it up with your do:

Washing and conditioning – try a different formula if you feel you current regimen isn’t working.
Brushing and drying – be gentle with your hair; the harder you are on it, the harder it will be to manage.
Styling – like everything else concerning your body, your hair will plateau its reaction to certain products and you will need to try something stronger or more subtle; don’t keep doing the same old song and dance or your hair will resent your efforts.

6. Follow Up

Making a connection is great, but following up with that connection is even better and exerts your interest in that individual promoting sales. Not following up can downgrade the experience you had and make you look lazy. Don’t be lazy.

So your hair is styled and you’re ready for the day, but let’s be realistic. Your hair isn’t going to stay in one place or perfect all day. It has needs, like a clingy ex-boyfriend, and you have to maintain the sanity of it all. So what do you do? You carry with you something minimal to manage any flyways, broken hair ties, or missing bobby pins. That’s right, you follow up with your hair throughout the day.

You’re probably thinking that that sounds like too much work. Well it’s not. Women look at themselves all the time every day, and sometimes without really even knowing that they are! It’s become habitual. Men don’t usually do it as often as women, but you still look at yourself at least one more time during the day. I recommend having a mini spray bottle of your favorite styling gel or pomade handy, especially if Mother Nature decides to punch you in the face.

7. Just Go With It

The smooth flow of a natural conversation is the most important function of a networking relationship. The vibe just instills a sense of confidence in you and you know where it will lead toward the end. However, there’s always that silly monkey with his silly wrench wanting to spice things up with his silly shenanigans. The flow has shifted and you just need to go with it or get out of its way.

It is at this moment you realize that the monkey wrench is a bad hair day. Nothing you can do is going to save that rug you call hair from awkward stares and whispered comments. So now what? You just go with the flow. Rock that cowlick, whip that flip, and dazzle that frizz in everyone’s face like you planned it that way. Your candor about the situation will empower you to handle any bad hair day from here on out. Just go with it!


Now, I can guarantee that you may or may not have better hair by following these 7 guidelines. I can also guarantee that you may or may not increase your networking capabilities. Lastly, I can guarantee that you may or may not have enjoyed this article and that you may or may not leave a comment below. What I absolutely cannot guarantee is any of this made any sense to you. Because what the heck does networking have to do with hair?


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